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Korinots Tours and Travel Agency plc is a private owned tour company established in 2014/15. Korintos is the Amharic equivalent of “Korontos” in Greece called” Corinthian”. This area is the most kown land in the to holly bible through the apostel  paul & other many evangelists. Hence,Korintos is mainly focused on pilgrimage tours can be operated locally & internationally . Ticketing & car rental activities are also targeted to be facilitated hand is hand.

This Company is established by ethical & well experienced professionals with excellent industrial management skills .Thus, Korintos always welcomes its that esteemed customers to serve them being at their finger tips.

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Addis Ababa City

Addis Ababa (the name means 'new flower') is of fairly recent origin - Menelik 11 founded the city in 1887. Situated in the foothills of the Entoto Mountains and standing 2,400 metres above sea level it is the third highest capital in the world. The city has a population of about two million.

Before moving to the present site of Addis Ababa, Menelik had established temporary capitals at six different locations caused by exhausting the fuel wood at each of these sites. Addis itself was in danger of being abandoned until the introduction of fast-growing eucalyptus trees from Australia provided the city with a regular source of fuel.

Addis Ababa is an important administrative centre not only for Ethiopia but also for the whole of Africa. The headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa was established here in 1958 and it is the site of the OAU's secretariat.

About Ethiopia

With its fabulous 3000 years of history , diverse ethnic groups with their own languages , cultures , and traditions as well as with its magnificent scenery embracing contrasting land features ranging from the tops of rugged Semen Mountains ( some 25 are over 4000 meters High ) to the depth of the Danakil Depression, which is more than 116 meters below Sea-level and one of the lowest dry land point on Earth.

The abundance of natural beauty that blessed Ethiopia offers an astonishing variety of Landscapes. Afro-Alpine high lands soaring to around 4620 meters, a chain of mountains , splendors of the Great Rift Valley ,white water rivers , giant waterfalls , dense and lush jungle … the List is endless !

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Ethiopian Facts

After Addis Ababa is the second largest city in Ethiopia is Dire Dawa, with an estimated population of 333,000. Gondar is the third largest town, with a population of some 150,000 people. The capital of Ethiopia is Addis Ababa, which means ‘’New Flower’’ in Amharic. The altitude is 2,355m (7,726 ft), making it the 3rd highest capital city in the world. It is also the diplomatic capital of Africa. More than 70 % of Africa’s mountains are found in Ethiopia. Probably due to the high altitude in the country, Ethiopians are famous for being great long distance runners.

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